Diversified Investment Group

Incorporated in Spain in 2007 DIG was established as a subsidiary of Diversified International Group specifically to identify European activities for the Parent Company. The Group has since widened its scope of activities and is currently operating businesses on four continents.

Having developed many professional, financial and governmental relationships worldwide, we have access to significant projects and property based assets around the globe. Some we participate in or acquire, others we broker, raise finance or syndicate though partnerships.

Experienced specialists in all critical fields

Diversified’s in-house team consists of legal, engineering, finance/tax, marketing, property and development specialists who have decades of international experience.

Additionally, we retain the worlds leading tax and fiscal consultants, law firms, planners, designers, golf designers, architects and engineers who assist in analyzing, structuring and rolling out projects. Our experience, agility and international experience equips us to complete due diligence exercises and act rapidly to new opportunities as they arise.